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The Digital Roadmap

The Digital Roadmap

CIAAG participated in the creation of the UNODC Digital Road Map to Promote Sustainable Drug Control Public - Private Partnerships which included a number of our recommendations for oversight, transparency and accountability.

CIAAG's Executive Director. Lauren Deluca, was 1 of 17 experts selected to participate on the development of the 1st ever

UNODC "Digital Roadmap", outlining key recommendations for countries to consider when pursuing the use of

public-private partnerships (P3's) in relation to national and international drug policy.

The UNODC's publication included a number of recommendations from CLAAG, including but not limited to:

  • The need for strong oversight of the public-private partnerships.
  • Outlining clear goals and the monitoring of outcomes.
  • Regulating the scientific evidence used to create evidence based practices.

This is the first document of its kind providing guidance to countries across the world on best-practices surrounding the

public-private partnership initiatives.