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Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group, Inc.

Advocating for Your Right to Compassionate Care!

Become a Member of CIAAG Advocate Army

Join CIAAG’s "Advocate Army" to become empowered in your health care.  We will arm you with the knowledge and education to help you advocate for yourself along with us at CIAAG.  As a Member of CIAAG you will receive bi-weekly email updates from our Executive Team with breaking news stories, CIAAG exclusive research findings and will be granted access to our Advocacy Army Library along with access to the State Leadership Program to learn how to engage the democratic process in advocating for your rights!

CIAAG offers 3 options for membership. Each level of membership provides different levels of services our members are entitled to as outlined below:

Advocate Army Membership: Bi-weekly email updates, access to CIAAG informative webinars, access to CIAAG Advocate Army Library which includes our Advocacy 101: Tips & Tools, pre-screened documents for members to bring to meetings with their lawmakers/stakeholders and access to the CIAAG State Leadership Program.

Ambassador Membership: All items included in the Advocate Army Membership level plus Federal Agency Reports, 1 CIAAG "Advocate Army" Bracelet and 20 Ambassador Business Cards to bring to meetings and/or events.

Sergeant Membership: All items included in the Advocate Army and Ambassador Membership levels plus Federal Agency Reports, 2 CIAAG "Advocate Army" Bracelets and 20 Sergeant Business Cards to bring to meetings and/or events.

CIAAG Membership

We want to empower all our members to advocate for themselves and learn how to effectively communicate with their lawmakers to help influence policy change. As a member you will be granted access to our Advocate Army Library which includes:

      • Advocacy 101 Fliers
      • How to Guides
      • Meeting Documents
      • Reports from Federal Agencies
      • Research 
      • CIAAG Exclusive Webinars
      • 1-on-1 Chat with our Executive Team on our                                               Monthly #CIAAGAdvocacyChat on Zoom

Become a Member of CIAAG's Advocate Army today to learn how to engage the democratic process and advocate for yourself and along with us here at CIAAG. #CIAAGStrong!!!

NOTE: The information provided does not constitute of medical or legal advise. 

Unauthorized use/duplication of content is strictly prohibited without the express written approval by the Organization's executive team. 

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the Advocate Army: 

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  • Membership Tiers & Pricing
  • Make Your Donation:
  • Go the next step and join the State Leadership for free!  You can learn more below by watching our informative webinars.  After registering as a Member just email us at [email protected] ​with your name and address.  Make sure to title your email "State Leadership".  You will then be granted access to our national directory to help you successfully advocate in your home state. 

Note: Membership is based on a January 1st - December 31st term. Membership is contingent upon receipt of renewal of your membership each year.

State Leadership

As a Member of CIAAG you are automatically eligible to participate in our State Leadership Program. This program is designed to be used by everyone, whether you're politically savvy or if this is your first time advocating. Here at CIAAG we believe everyone is a leader!

The State Leadership Program will provide you access to our National Directory which provides the contact information for all the relevant individuals you need to speak to as a part of your advocacy including Elected Officials and state Opioid Task Forces.

As a part of the State Leadership Program you will receive step-by-step directions from our Executive Team on ways you can get involved at the state level to advocate for your healthcare rights.

This is a self-paced program! How much you do is completely up to you. We provide opportunities to engage in advocacy using coordinated email campaigns as well as provide mentoring services to our Members interested in meeting one on one with their Elected Officials.  

State Leadership Part 1

This is the first video of two about our State Leadership Program.  It gives the viewer some insight how to sign up, get involved and outlines the basic steps one would need to take to get involved. 

State Leadership Part 2

 This video takes our members through the first step in the overall process of participating as a State Leader.  In our video "How to Find a Bill", we introduce members to the process by which they can obtain copies of the bills that are being brought forth in their state. This enables the member to begin to engage in the democratic process.  

What People are Saying About CIAAG...

Calls to Action:

Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group engages with the patient and professional community to help raise awareness and effect positive change for people living with painful illnesses and/or conditions. We encourage our members to get involved whether they want to meet with lawmakers face to face or are more comfortable sending emails from your home. At CIAAG we have a place for you!

Advocate of the Month​

Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group is proud to present our Advocate of the Month program! As a member of CIAAG, you are automatically able to participate and be eligible for various prizes each month. In order to participate, all you need to do is engage in some type of advocacy activity such as:

          * Email/call or meet with Elected Officials or other stakeholders to advocate on behalf of patient rights.

          * Follow the instructions for one of the CIAAG Calls To Action emails and send a copy to us at [email protected]

          * Attend your local opioid task force meeting.

          * Attend a local legislative event/meeting.

          * Attend/participate in conferences and distribute CIAAG flyers and documents.

          * Write to media outlets and/or other publication/forums.

We will maintain a record of your advocacy efforts and award the advocate of the month prize accordingly. Each individual who is recognized as Advocate of the Month will also be considered for CIAAG's Advocate of the Year; which we will award in December!

Advocate of the Year

Delorse Croissette


We would like to thank Delorse for her hard work, enthusiasm and dedication over the past year.  

Meet the Recent Advocates of the Month

Julie Killingworth

Ja​nuary 2021

Julie has been a vocal advocate for those suffering with chronic illness pain for several years. Her continued pursuit of the truth is an inspiration to us all. She has contributed to several CIAAG research projects and has published numerous informative yet creative writings that she has authored in an effort to educate her fellow advocates regarding the political influences that impact patient care/access. We would like to thank Julie for her continued efforts, integrity and dedication. Her upbeat attitude and teamwork spirit has proven to be motivational and inspiring to us all.

Marni Cartelli

February 2021

Marni has dedicated years towards rare disease advocacy and engages in a number of activities with various organization's. She has recently stepped up to help the CIAAG Executive Team in an upcoming research project. Marni has shown to be an asset to rare disease advocacy as well as advocating for those suffering with painful diseases and conditions.

Let's come together and thank Marni for her dedication to patient rights!

The Palliative Care/Painful Disease Community 

March 2021

For the Month of March, we at CIAAG are doing something different.  We wanted to award our entire community as it takes each and every one of us, supporting and encouraging each other to create the real grass-roots movement that we are creating.  2021 has been an amazing year for our community.  We are taking some big steps and making large strides as we move forward; defining and declaring ourselves as the Palliative Care/Painful Disease Community.  This is enabling our community to establish our identity and therefore a presence in Washington D.C.  We couldn't do it without all of you. Thank you to all of you who are helping to successfully enact this change.

Ann Marie Silva

April 2020

This month we would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Ann Marie Silva for her extraordinary efforts in advocacy. Ann Marie has been appointed as a committee member on her local Opioid Task Force in Stanislaus County, CA.

In addition, she has attended a number of opioid conferences in her home state and passed out CIAAG Flyers and Fact Sheets to attendees to help raise awareness of the crisis facing individuals who medically require opioid medications to manage their chronic illnesses/incurable conditions. 

Sandra Newman

May 2020

This month we would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Sandra Newman for taking it upon herself to help collect signatures for our correspondence to CMS asking for proper notification to be sent to the states advising of the DEA Rule which permits a 90 day supply of schedule II medications during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Leah LoneBear

June 2020

This month we would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Leah Lonebear for always being a fierce advocate online.  Leah has dedicated her time and talents to helping gather patient commentary for upcoming legislative meetings.  She has consistently shown a dedication to advocacy and standing up for what is morally right in the face of opposition.

Jim Traylor

July 2020

This month we would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Jim Traylor.  We put out a request for volunteers to assist with organizing some data for an upcoming project.  Not only did Jim step up to help with a CIAAG project but he also maintains a positive presence in the online advocacy community showing support for other community members.

With a positive attitude and an inspiring disposition, Jim is the type of advocate that will help our movement/community continue to grow and thrive.


August 2020

For the month of August, we recognized Carrie for her continuous efforts in helping share information and research with her fellow advocates to help educate others on the healthcare changes taking place and how they can fight back to restore compassionate, individualized patient-centered care to our healthcare system.  She is dedicated to sharing information in the effort to help our community gain a better understanding of the issues that we are facing.  She does a fantastic job and is an inspiration to all of us.

Suzanne Stewart

September 2020

For September, we would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Suzanne Stewart; our Volunteer Director of Communications for the Hard of Hearing and Deaf community.  Suzanne regularly provides impactful content on her numerous social media platforms to raise awareness, provides support to a number of CIAAG campaigns along with writing blogs for the community on a variety of topics.  We would like to thank Suzanne for her incredible contributions to CIAAG and the HOH/Deaf and chronic illness/pain community.  

Lisa Crumpler

October 2020

We would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Lisa Crumpler, as our October Advocate of the Month! Lisa is a retired Registered Nurse and a fierce advocate for patient rights. She often uses her social media platforms to educate her fellow patients about what is happening with the healthcare system as it relates to access to medicine.  Lisa is a tremendous researcher and helped provide content for CIAAG's recent report, A Crisis ExploitedWe would like to thank Lisa for her efforts and her continued dedication to civil rights!

Nancy V

November 2020

We would like to recognize CIAAG Member, Nancy V., as our November Advocate of the Month!  Nancy is our first international volunteer working to establish a presence for CIAAG in the Canadian Provinces!  Nancy has been a longtime friend to the American patients suffering from healthcare policy changes that have resulted in restricted access to medications for the chronically ill.  Recently she has taken up the task to spread the word to lawmakers north of the border in an effort to ensure that American policies are not adopted in her country.  We would like to thank Nancy for her persistence and her drive to help protect citizens across the globe from government overstep that harms the public health and well-being. 

Advocates of the Month

in 2020

We would like to thank all of our Advocates of the Month for their participation and dedication to our community.

Support Our Work

CIAAG is a 501(c)-3 Non-Profit Organization, therefore donations are 100% tax deductible.