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Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group, Inc.

A Global Organization: Pain Has No Borders, So Neither Does CIAAG!

Who Are We?

The Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group, Inc. (CIAAG) envisions a healthcare system where patient care is provided free of discrimination and medical abuse.  We promote individual patient rights and privacy over population health by acknowledging and addressing the palliative care community in the  "Tri-Crisis".  The "Tri-Crisis" acknowledges that there are three communities that have been effected by recent healthcare policy changes.  They consist of:  the alternative/complementary care, substance use disorder and the palliative care/opioid access communities.

We lobby against political agendas and misinformation campaigns that interfere with palliative care.   We engage in true collaboration with the three communities for the benefit of the public health as we work to establish goals for a better healthcare system for all citizens.


We Support Patient Populations with the Following:

*The following list to serve as an example of different types of disease groups/patient populations  that we support/represent and is not meant to be limited or exclusive to:

     Important Articles

CIAAG is a proud Member of the 


of Narcotic ​D​rugs

Congratulations Lauren Deluca and CIAAG

For Being Selected as a Finalist in the Category

Best Team Performance


Meet Our​ Team

Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awareness Group

Lauren Deluca, CPCU, API, AINS

Executive Director & 

Founding President

Chronic Illness Advocacy & Awarness Group

Shasta Rayne Harner 

Vice President 

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